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Publications Committee

Publication Review Requirement (IMPORTANT)

All CARRA-related publications and presentations which include results derived from data and bio specimens collected via the CARRA Registry protocols and sub-studies as well as surveys and other publications related to the use of CARRA infrastructure for mailing lists, conference time, and funding are subject to the CARRA Publication and Presentation Guidelines.

In order to expedite the review process, we have set up an online form for submitting your materials for review.

Publication Review Submission Form

This form must be used to submit papers/manuscripts, abstracts, meeting proceedings, posters, press releases, and slides for review by the Publications committee.

Timeline for Review

Paper/Manuscript: 3 Weeks

Abstracts: 7 Days
Meeting Proceedings: 7 Days
Poster: 7 Days
Press Release: 7 Days
Slides: 7 Days

If you have any questions about the publication review process, please contact