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Manuscript RFA: Analyses of CARRA Registry Data

Application deadline: June 14, 2019

Request for Applications

CARRA is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support production of a manuscript by funding statistical analyses of existing CARRA Registry data by biostatisticians and data analysts at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) for the CARRA Registry. The purpose of this opportunity is to engage the CARRA community in highly relevant clinical research and accelerate the publication of sophisticated high-impact analyses of Registry data by utilizing DCRI’s familiarity with the CARRA Registry database.

  • Up to 2 awards will be made in 2019 (timeline below).
  • Awardees will develop a detailed statistical analysis plan (including table shells to be included in the final manuscript) for their submitted proposal jointly with the DCRI team. This will require several teleconferences and additional independent individual efforts.
  • Upon completion of the statistical analysis plan, the DCRI team will program and conduct the analyses and deliver the completed tables and other results to the awardee. The awardee will review the results with the DCRI team, and any necessary further refinements will be made.
  • When the statistical analyses are complete and the results available, the awardee will draft and submit a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal in a timely manner.
  • The awardee will be the first author of the manuscript. Other investigators will be included as co-authors, as appropriate and consistent with ICMJE recommendations.
  • It is expected that the entire process from award announcement to submission of manuscript for publication will be approximately 7-9 months. The detailed statistical analysis plan should be completed within approximately 3-4 months of award announcement.
  • It is expected that abstracts will be submitted to meetings as appropriate (including but not limited to the CARRA Annual Meeting) during the time that the manuscript is being completed.
  • The applicant will revise and resubmit the manuscript as necessary until it is accepted for publication. Costs for any additional analyses required for publication will be covered by CARRA.
  • Journal publication fees will be paid by CARRA.
  • Awardees will not receive salary support to conduct the analyses or receive funds directly. DCRI costs will be paid directly by CARRA.
  • If the manuscript is not completed within the specified time, the awardee may lose the right of first authorship.
  • There will be question and answer sessions about this opportunity held by webinar at the following times: Tuesday, April 16 at 1pm eastern and Monday, April 22 at 12:30pm eastern. Questions may also be sent by email to Tim Beukelman at


  • Applicants must have completed a pediatric rheumatology fellowship, be currently employed as a pediatric rheumatologist in the United States or Canada, and be a CARRA Member in good standing.
  • Early Investigators are encouraged to apply.
  • Formal training in epidemiology and prior first authorship of published studies of original research are strongly desired but not required.
  • Applications may include up to 2 investigators, but all investigators must meet the eligibility criteria and the qualifications of all investigators will be assessed in the selection process.
  • Applicants must have sufficient time to dedicate to the project, estimated to be not less than 50 hours distributed over approximately 9-12 months.
  • Members of the Research and Registry Oversight Committee (RROC) are not eligible to apply.


  • Applications will be judged on the feasibility and significance of the proposed analysis and the strength and likelihood of success of the investigator(s). Descriptive and cross-sectional studies are unlikely to be selected.
  • Applications will be evaluated by the Research and Registry Oversight Committee (RROC).

Application to Include

  • Specific Aim(s) and Research Plan to include:
    • Brief introduction of the study question
    • Specific aim(s) of the analysis
    • Basic details of the analytic approach including study design, identification of outcomes and key exposures of interest, statistical approach, and limitations
    • Significance and impact of the study results
    • Maximum 500 words
  • NIH-formatted Biosketch for Investigator (5 page limit)
  • Signed letter from Division head describing the applicant’s current distribution of professional effort and confirming available effort to complete the project (estimated to be not less than 50 hours over 9-12 months).

Projected Timeline

  • June 14, 2019: Applications due
  • July 2019: Awardees announced
  • July-September 2019: Discuss and refine analysis plan with DCRI and investigators on regularly occurring conference calls. Complete detailed analysis plan.
  • October-December 2019: Generate preliminary results and refine analysis plan as necessary.
  • January 2020: Delivery of final results to Awardee
  • March 2020: Submission of manuscript to journal for publication
  • Revise manuscript as needed until accepted for publication


Contact Tim Beukelman (Scientific Director of the Registry) for technical questions regarding this opportunity.